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Re-inventing the Ship: Science, Technology and the Maritime World, 1800-1918
Contents: Introduction: re-inventing the ship in the long 19th century, Don Leggett and Richard Dunn Symbolic ships, sail and steam, Christopher Harvie 'This great national undertaking': John ScottExpand
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Replication, re-placing and naval science in comparative context, c .1868–1904
The test tank broadly embodied the late nineteenth-century endeavour to ‘use science’ in industry, but the meaning given to the tank differed depending on the experienced communities that made itExpand
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Scientific Governance in Britain, 1914-79
Scientific governance in Britain, 1914-79 examines the connected histories of how science was governed, and used in governance, in twentieth-century Britain. During the middle portion of thatExpand
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William froude, John Henry newman and scientific practice in the culture of victorian doubt
This article explores the relationship between scientific practice and doubt in Victorian Britain. When compared to the rich historiography of Victorian science and religion, our current image ofExpand
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Spectacle and Witnessing: Constructing Readings of Charles Parsons’s Marine Turbine
In 1897 the British Admiralty transformed Spithead and the river Solent, which runs alongside the maritime town of Portsmouth, into a theater where popular naval culture and technology met. The 1897Expand
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A scientific problem of the highest order