Don L Tucker

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Extra-cellular shear force is an important environmental parameter that is significant both medically and in the space environment. Escherichia coli cells grown in a low-shear modeled microgravity (LSMMG) environment produced in a high aspect rotating vessel (HARV) were subjected to transcriptional and physiological analysis. Aerobic LSMMG cultures were(More)
Microsoft Windows-based computers have evolved to the point that they provide sufficient computational and visualization power for robust analysis of DNA array data. In fact, smaller laboratories might prefer to carry out some or all of their analyses and visualization in a Windows environment, rather than alternative platforms such as UNIX. We have(More)
The response of microbes to changes in the mechanical force of fluid shear has important implications for pathogens, which experience wide fluctuations in fluid shear in vivo during infection. However, the majority of studies have not cultured microbes under physiological fluid shear conditions within a range commonly encountered by microbes during(More)
Transcriptional analysis was used to examine the effect of a genomically encoded artificial RNA on Escherichia coli in rich and minimal media. Only the expression of a single gene, deoC, was unequivocally affected under both conditions. E. coli marker strains of this type may be useful in monitoring the fate and transport of bacteria in various applications.
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