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When was the last time you spent a pleasant evening in a comfortable chair, reading a good program? I don’t mean the slick subroutine you wrote last summer, nor even the big system you have to modify next week. I’m talking about cuddling up with a classic, and starting to read on page one. Sure, you may spend more time studying this elegant routine or(More)
We give three proofs for the following symmetrical identity involving binomial coefficients ( n m ) and Eulerian numbers 〈 n m 〉 : ∑ k ( a + b k ) 〈 k a − 1 〉 = ∑ k ( a + b k ) 〈 k b − 1 〉 for any positive integers a and b (where we take 〈 0 0 〉 = 0). We also show how this fits into a family of similar (but more complicated) identities for Eulerian numbers.
Introduction and De nitions Open addressing is a widely used technique for keeping symbol tables The method was rst used in by Samuel Amdahl and Boehme in an assembly program for the IBM An extensive discussion of the method was given by Peterson in and frequent references have been made to it ever since e g Schay and Spruth Iverson However the timing(More)
Algorithm6 are described and analyzed for the efficient evaluation of the primitive operators of a relational algebra on a proposed non-von Neumann machine based on a hierarchy of associative storage devices. This architecture permits an O(log n) decrease in time complexity over the best known evaluation methods on a convcntional computer system, without(More)
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