Don Kaplan

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The California Institute for Health Systems Performance (CIHSP) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation charged with expanding the field of performance measurement. CIHSP is working with hospitals and other providers to develop better ways to measure and improve health care quality. is a non-profit philanthropic organization whose mission(More)
The interminable project, such as an unfinished manuscript in the drawer, is a familiar affliction in populations of writers, artists and intellectuals. An unrelenting absorption in such a project consuming whole decades of one's life distinguishes this plight from more benign varieties of work inhibition. The interminable project lends itself to a real(More)
Since the social order embodies and authorizes ideals of femininity and masculinity, a psychoanalysis of gender entails decisions as to how social reality figures in the clinical situation. This paper approaches social reality as part of a general problem of neurosis, in which all versions of normality are analyzed as aspects of resistance. What such an(More)
The psychoanalysis of art has been a lively activity for virtually a century, ever since Freud first likened certain findings of his self-analysis to certain turns of plot in Oedipus Rex and Hamlet. Yet over this time a lack of clarity has persisted with respect to the kind of knowledge applied psychoanalysis achieves and its means of justification.(More)
The idea of a psychopathology of fate or what had come to be called a fate neurosis has failed to retain any established place in the structure of psychoanalytic thought. The clinical observations and theoretical formulations, to which the idea of a fate neurosis answered, have been subsumed in the course of things by more fundamental and systematic(More)
The idea of the actual neurosis is approached as a problem of the transformation of the meaning of terminology by developments in psychoanalytic thought. However, unlike most concepts, the transformation of the meaning of the actual neurosis presents a special problem because this concept refers to issues at the boundaries of psychoanalysis. Three meanings(More)
The necessity of studying on an animal model the effects of the space environment on the major physiological functions has led the Centre de Recherches de Medecine Aeronautique to develop a two-primate experiment biological facility for SPACELAB. The general principle followed throughout all the phases of this project is that the facility is designed to be(More)
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