Don Julian de Silva

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PURPOSE To determine the preretinal distribution of oxygen in advanced proliferative diabetic retinopathy, and to investigate the relationship between intraocular oxygen tensions and vitreous cytokine concentrations. DESIGN Comparative cross-sectional study. METHODS Oxygen levels were measured at sites in the vitreous and at the inner retinal surface(More)
AIM To evaluate outcome following retinectomy surgery and to identify factors that predict visual outcome. METHODS This was a retrospective uncontrolled interventional case-series of patients who underwent retinectomy surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital (London, UK) during a 2-year period. We recorded peri-operative factors with the potential to influence(More)
PURPOSE Few studies have assessed optic disk and retinal morphology in infants. Here the optic disk and optic disk-to-fovea distance were measured in preterm and full-term infants in vivo. METHODS Optic disk (OD) dimensions and the center-to-center distance between the OD and the macula were measured using digital imaging in infants undergoing routine(More)
PURPOSE To examine the type of orbital blowout fracture and its variation with race. DESIGN Retrospective review of computed tomography (CT) scans and demography in an unselected cohort of patients with orbital blowout fractures. PARTICIPANTS Patients with a high-resolution CT scan of adequate quality for analysis who presented with an orbital blowout(More)
PURPOSE To assess the outcome of surgery in patients with a history of contact lens wear. DESIGN Retrospective, comparative interventional case series. METHODS A total of 419 patients underwent ptosis surgery during a 1-year period (2005-2006) at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Those included in this study had a diagnosis of aponeurotic ptosis and history of(More)
Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the conjunctiva is uncommon in Western countries. A Nigerian patient who presented with right lower lid swelling treated as a chalazion is described here. She re-presented 5 months later with widespread metastatic conjunctival SCC and positive HIV serology. Conjunctival SCC may be difficult to distinguish on(More)
PURPOSE To compare the preoperative evaluation of secondary intraocular lens (IOL) implantation in aphakic adults following cataract extraction in childhood using slitlamp examination and high-frequency ultrasound (HFU). METHODS In a prospective case series, patients who had had lensectomies for congenital cataracts without primary implantation IOL were(More)
Lopez-Vidriero, M. T., Charman, J., Keal, E., de Silva, D. J., and Reid, L. (1973). Thorax, 28, 401-408. Sputum viscosity: correlation with chemical and clinical features in chronic bronchitis. A series of out-patient chronic bronchitics with severe airways obstruction was studied monthly over a five-month period from December 1970 to May 1971; volume,(More)