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Imaging mass spectrometry (IMS) shows great potential for the rapid mapping of protein localization and for detecting of sizeable differences in protein expression. However, data processing remains challenging due to the difficulty of analyzing high dimensionality, the fact that the number of predictors is significantly larger than the number of(More)
This paper is concerned with a study of some new formulations of smoothness conditions and conformality conditions for multivariate splines in terms of B-net representation. In the bivariate setting, a group of new parameters of bivariate quartic and quintic polynomials over a planar simplex is introduced, new formulations of smoothness conditions of(More)
We report a patient who presented with severe enterocolitis and apparent absence of Paneth, goblet, and enteroendocrine lineages from the small bowel and colon. The absorptive enterocyte seemed to be normal morphologically and functionally. Because normal enterocytes were present, we hypothesized that this patient had a developmental block in the(More)
Proteomics aims at determining the structure, function and expression of proteins. High-throughput mass spectrometry (MS) is emerging as a leading technique in the proteomics revolution. Though it can be used to find disease-related protein patterns in mixtures of proteins derived from easily obtained samples, key challenges remain in the processing of(More)
MOTIVATION Mass spectrometry (MS) can generate high-throughput protein profiles for biomedical research to discover biologically related protein patterns/biomarkers. The noisy functional MS data collected by current technologies, however, require consistent, sensitive and robust data-processing techniques for successful biomedical application. Therefore, it(More)
Scattered data collected at sample points may be used to determine simple functions to best fit the data. An ideal choice for these simple functions is bivariate splines. Triangulation of the sample points creates partitions over which the bivariate splines may be defined. But the optimality of the approximation is dependent on the choice of triangulation.(More)
K e y w o r d s W a v e l e t s , Multiwavelets, Approximation order, Refinement equations, Subdivision. 1. I N T R O D U C T I O N Wavele t t heo ry is based on the idea of mul t i r eso lu t ion analys is (MRA) . Usually, an M R A is gene r a t e d by one scal ing funct ion. However, such wavelets canno t possess t he p rope r t i e s of shor t s u p p o(More)