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The effects of a large arteriovenous fistula on left and right ventricular hemodynamics and cardiac myocyte size were examined in adult rats at 1 week and 1 month after surgery. Cardiac output, left ventricular function, and right ventricular function were evaluated before obtaining isolated myocytes for cell size measurements. Average heart weight(More)
OBJECTIVE This study is aimed to define the geometry and location of the human S3 foramen, with respect to bony landmarks visible on ultrasound. METHODS Computed tomographic (CT) image data from an institutional review board-approved database of de-identified pelvic CT images were analyzed. Points along the S3 foramina and bony sacrum were tagged, and(More)
Subtle subluxations within the carpus are often difficult to diagnose. Carpal orientation and location can now be quantified by mathematical analysis of computed, three-dimensional models produced from serial CT scans. The technique and its application in the analysis of scaphoid subluxation are described.
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