Don G. Blair

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The proximal-distal patterning of lung epithelium involves a complex series of signaling and transcriptional events resulting in the programmed differentiation of highly specialized cells for gas exchange and surfactant protein expression essential for postnatal lung function. The BMP signaling pathway has been shown to regulate cellular differentiation in(More)
Transfection of DNA isolated from a subset of human tumour cells was shown in the early 1980s to be capable of inducing transformation in NIH3T3 cells. This review summarizes the approaches and results of the efforts to measure the transforming activity of genomic DNA and discusses the results in the light of current concerns about the potential hazard(More)
Vaccines contain residual DNA derived from the cells used to produce them. As part of our investigation to assess the risk of this cellular DNA, we are developing a quantitative in vivo assay to assess the oncogenicity of DNA. In an earlier study, we had generated expression plasmids for two oncogenes--human activated T24-H-ras and murine c-myc--and had(More)