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In the title of this book, a remarkable accent is given to the concept of network society, currently an object of intensive study everywhere. The authors view network society from the perspective of those societies busily constructing these networks. It should be noted that M. Castels, author of The Rise of Network Society, used instead of the term "(More)
Being able to connect high-speed computing and other information technologies into broadband communication networks presents local communities with some of their best chances for renewal. Such technologies are now widely perceived to be not just a nice amenity among corporations and such non-profit organizations as universities but a social and economic(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the growth of acid-fast bacilli on classically formulated Lowenstein-Jensen media and Middlebrook 7H11 agar to modified Middlebrook 7H9 broth. DESIGN Microbiology culture results were evaluated to determine the number of days required to detect growth of acid-fast bacilli from clinical specimens inoculated on different media. DATA(More)
We report on a series of experiments conducted jointly by Ohio University and The Huntington National Bank. Our aim was to determine if ACTS-based data communications services can serve as redundant facilities in an otherwise terrestrial network. We examined both technical compatibility and network management issues. In addition, Ohio University researchers(More)
A: INTRODUCTION Developing countries are actively implementing satellite data networks, and have undertaken policy reforms to facilitate such networks. This research examines how regulatory changes have resulted in the removal of barriers relating to the deployment of access technologies and growth in connectivity, especially in VSAT installations for low(More)
The survival and cell kinetics effect of 1,2:5,6-dianhydrogalactitol, NSC-132313 (galactitol), were studied on mammalian cells. Nondividing or plateau-phase cells were almost two times more sensitive to galactitol than were cells treated in the dividing state (dose required to reduce survival by 63% on the exponential part of the survival curve (DO)=4.2(More)
A multinational mission architecture is proposed as a way to start development of global space solar power (SSP) industry. Solar power generated on the International Space Station (whose orbit is roughly 400 km above the Earth) will be converted to millimeter waves and beamed to ground receivers located in five or more nations, providing measurements of(More)
Exponentially growing cells and cells that were allowed to enter a plateau or nondividing state of growth by depleting the medium of growth-essential nutrients were used in these studies. Nondividing Chinese hamster ovary cells in vitro are less sensitive to actinomycin D (AMD) than are exponentially growing cells. The cells were tested for their ability to(More)
The effects of the anticancer drug diglycolaldehyde (NSC-118994) were studied on Chinese hamster ovary cells growing in vitro. Dividing cells, specifically those in S-phase, were more sensitive to the drug than were nondividing cells, although a large fraction of nondividing cells was also killed by doses up to 800 microgram/ml. Dose-dependent effects on(More)