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This does not exclude the possibility, that larger structural fragments (such as tetra-mers and pentamers) can also contribute to the low-frequency vibrational spectrum around the boson peak. On the basis of these results, the following model of the glass transition of glycerol can be proposed. At temperatures far above Tg (186 K), the lifetime of the MRO(More)
Pica is a dangerous form of self-injurious behavior that occurs in people with developmental disabilities who are institutionalized. Studies also indicate that pica has led to the death of people with developmental disabilities. While a number of published studies have demonstrated that pica behavior can be decreased substantially with behavioral treatment,(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of differential reinforcement of the absence of a chronic vocal tic in a 9-year-old male. This procedure was used after problems in the application of a simplified habit reversal procedure were encountered, and when it became evident that a reinforcement procedure was more acceptable to the(More)
The Behavior Problem Inventory was administered to a random sample of people living in a state school. The scores from all items and from self-injury items only were factor analysed. The three scales of the Behavior Problem Inventory were highly internally consistent. Factor analysis of all the items showed some similarities to previous studies, and factor(More)
Sixty-five mildly to moderately mentally retarded adults from institutional and community placements in Louisiana and Texas with DSM diagnoses of schizophrenia, depression, or no psychopathology were recruited. The primary goal was to establish the validity of the PIMRA's schizophrenic subscale for diagnosing mentally retarded adults. In addition, validity(More)
This study evaluated the relative effectiveness of differential reinforcement of other behaviors (DRO), differential reinforcement of incompatible behavior (DRI), and contingent watermist (CWM) in treating chronic self-injurious hand mouthing. The participant, a man with profound mental retardation, lived in a large residential facility. Prior to treatment(More)
The treatment of a 16-year-old severely mentally retarded and blind female client exhibiting severe biting of self and others consisted of the contingent application of an aversive gustatory stimulus (Tabasco Sauce), brief timeout, DRO, and contingent restraint against biting while in time-out. This is the first use of Tabasco as the aversive stimulus(More)
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