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A diet supplemented with cholesterol and coconut oil is atherogenic in dogs. The purpose of the present study was to examine the effects of this diet on red cells in pure-bred beagles and greyhounds. Within 3 days after the initiation of this diet red cell cholesterol/phospholipid increased and membrane fluidity decreased, with maximum changes attained by(More)
Paracentric inversions in populations can have a profound effect on the pattern and organization of nucleotide variability along a chromosome. Regions near inversion breakpoints are expected to have greater levels of differentiation because of reduced genetic exchange between different gene arrangements whereas central regions in the inverted segments are(More)
Arteries were obtained from several sites in young (YGH) and old racing greyhounds (OGH). Segments were used for the determination of arterial wall mechanics under conditions of active (norepinephrine) and passive (Ca2+ free and 2 mM EGTA) smooth muscle. Contiguous segments were used for the chemical analysis of connective tissue, water and electrolyte(More)
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