Don C. Stone

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Alcohol addiction affects many clients that enter the offices of traditional mental health professionals. Their recovery is impacted by what goes on inside the office, in treatment, as well as by involvement outside the office, in 12-step programs as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). This article examines alcoholism as a thought disorder and cognitive(More)
We are designing a number of programming projects which utilize input/output devices, such as joysticks or a homebrewed board we call a MIPPET (Module for Input/Output Programming Projects Enhancing Teaching). These projects have been used or will be used in the closed labs of our CS1 course (taught in C++). The goal of these projects is to enhance student(More)
The approach to program visualization in computer science instruction discussed here has two components: the graphic display of algorithms and the graphic display of their execution. Both types of display are based on the same hierarchical representation of an algorithm (in terms of Scandura FLOWforms, an enhancement and generalization of Nassi-Shneiderman(More)
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