Don. C. Jones

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An RNA-Seq experiment was performed using field grown well-watered and naturally rain fed cotton plants to identify differentially expressed transcripts under water-deficit stress. Our work constitutes the first application of the newly published diploid D5 Gossypium raimondii sequence in the study of tetraploid AD1 upland cotton RNA-seq transcriptome(More)
All the Trojan asteroids orbit about the Sun at roughly the same heliocentric distance as Jupiter. Differences in the observed visible reflection spectra range from neutral to red, with no ultra-red objects found so far. Given that the Trojan asteroids are collisionally evolved, a certain degree of variability is expected. Additionally, cosmic radiation and(More)
ABSTRACT As a prelude to remote sensing of rhizomania, hyper-spectral leaf reflectance and multi-spectral canopy reflectance were used to study the physiological differences between healthy sugar beets and beets infested with Beet necrotic yellow vein virus. This study was conducted over time in the presence of declining nitrogen levels. Total leaf nitrogen(More)
We report the production of stable, coherent, and same-phase states in arrays of fiber lasers. Provided that proper interactions between the lasers are present, arrays will spontaneously self-organize into stable coherent same-phase states. There is no need for active control. Power scaling, power spectra, spatial interference fringes, and temporal data all(More)
Wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV), vectored by the wheat curl mite Aceria tosichella, is one of the major limiting factors in wheat production in the Texas Panhandle. The mites are blown by wind into wheat fields from nearby volunteer wheat fields or fields supporting vegetation which harbor virulent mites. Consequently, gradients of wheat streak severity(More)
We investigate the use of a seven-cell hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber for transport of CW laser radiation from a single-mode, narrow-linewidth, high-power fiber laser amplifier. Over 90% of the amplifier output was coupled successfully and transmitted through the fiber in a near-Gaussian mode, with negligible backreflection into the source. 100 W of(More)
Two beams incident upon a bismuth silicon oxide crystal are shown to give rise to a subharmonic halfway between the incident beams and to an oscillating beam in a ring resonator. It is further shown that the two beams arising are in competition with each other: the subharmonic power rises when the oscillating beam declines owing to damping of the resonator.
We report an experimental demonstration of a beam-steering concept. A high-reflectivity phase-conjugate mirror is used to steer a high-power phase-conjugate beam using a low-power signal beam. The high reflectivity phase conjugation is achieved using Brillouin-induced four-wave mixing in a cell containing carbon disulfide.