Don B. Melrose

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The evolution of Alfvén turbulence due to three-wave interactions is discussed using kinetic theory for a collisionless, thermal plasma. There are three low-frequency modes, analogous to the three modes of compressible MHD. When only Alfvén waves are considered, the known anisotropy of turbulence in incompressible MHD theory is reproduced. Inclusion of a(More)
Background Consumption of caffeine-containing liquid energy supplements has increased dramatically over the past several years. Many of these products are marketed toward individuals seeking to boost energy and arousal levels. Consequently, many active individuals consume energy drinks hoping to improve time to fatigue, increase work capacity and facilitate(More)
The magnetic chemically peculiar star CU Virginis is a unique astrophysical laboratory for stellar magnetospheres and coherent emission processes. It is the only known main sequence star to emit a radio pulse every rotation period. Here we report on new observations of the CU Virginis pulse profile in the 13 and 20 cm radio bands. The profile is known to be(More)
1 Abstract With the aim of explaining anomalous peaks in the optical absorption spectrum of stacked gratings of cylinders, which are photonic bang gap material , we study the resonances of a single grating theoretically. We derive the main equation of the resonances using the Generalized Rayleigh Method and truncate it to the second order of multipole(More)
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