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You are granted permission for individual, educational, research and noncommercial reproduction, distribution, display and performance of this work in any format. Abstract: The densities and seismic velocities of rocks are relatively weak functions of temperature, pressure and composition unless these are accompanied by a drastic change in mineralogy. The(More)
T he changing roles and responsibilities of CIOs and IT professionals refl ect strategic and political changes occurring in organizations. To meet client performance and business demands, CIOs and IT staff are required to solve business needs underlying technical solutions. This article reports that CIO and IT professional roles and competencies are(More)
The Thermal Emission Spectrometer spectra of low albedo surface materials suggests that a four to one mixture of pyroxene to plagioclase, together with about a 35 percent dust component provides the best fit to the spectrum. Qualitative upper limits can be placed on the concentration of carbonates (<10 percent), olivine (<10 percent), clay minerals (<20(More)
W § e consider a series of simple calculations with a step-function change in thickness of the lithosphere and imposed, far-field boundary conditions to illustrate the influence of the lithosphere on mantle flow. We consider the effect of aspect ratio and far-field boundary conditions on the small-scale flow driven by a discontinuity in the thickness of the(More)
  • D L Anderson
  • 1998
The ratio 3He/4He (R) plays a central role in models of mantle evolution that propose an undegassed lower mantle, rich in the primordial isotope 3He. A large primordial volatile-rich reservoir, a feature of recent models, is inconsistent with high-temperature accretion and with estimates of crustal and bulk Earth chemistry. High R can alternatively reflect(More)
  • D L Anderson
  • 1998
As a result of an energetic accretion, the Earth is a volatile-poor and strongly differentiated planet. The volatile elements can be accounted for by a late veneer ( approximately 1% of total mass of the Earth). The incompatible elements are strongly concentrated into the exosphere (atmosphere, oceans, sediments, and crust) and upper mantle. Recent(More)
Lithium RBC/plasma ratio (LR) was studied in 34 bipolar subjects on therapeutic doses of lithium carbonate. The sample was divided into 22 Caucasians and 12 African-Americans to observe possible ethnic differences in LR as previously reported. The latter group demonstrated a higher LR as well as increased reports of side effects (p < .05), even after(More)
Taken together, the literature reviewed clearly indicates that the disposition and effect of a large number of psychotropic agents are influenced substantially by ethnicity and culture. Recent advances in the realm of pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenetics, and pharmacodynamics have led to a greater understanding of some of the mechanisms responsible for such(More)
The theoretical and experimental evidence concerning mechanisms likely to be responsible for the attenuation of seismic waves are reviewed. Intergranular thermoelastic relruration, atomic diffusion, and dislocation mechanisms cannot be ruled out as significant causes of seismic attenuation, but the most effective mechanisms seem to be associated with(More)