Dominique Zosso

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During the late 1990s, Huang introduced the algorithm called Empirical Mode Decomposition, which is widely used today to recursively decompose a signal into different modes of unknown but separate spectral bands. EMD is known for limitations like sensitivity to noise and sampling. These limitations could only partially be addressed by more mathematical(More)
The level set method is a popular technique for tracking moving interfaces in several disciplines, including computer vision and fluid dynamics. However, despite its high flexibility, the original level set method is limited by two important numerical issues. First, the level set method does not implicitly preserve the level set function as a distance(More)
In this paper we present a novel geometric framework called geodesic active fields for general image registration. In image registration, one looks for the underlying deformation field that best maps one image onto another. This is a classic ill-posed inverse problem, which is usually solved by adding a regularization term. Here, we propose a multiplicative(More)
We propose a segmentation method based on the geometric representation of images as 2-D manifolds embedded in a higher dimensional space. The segmentation is formulated as a minimization problem, where the contours are described by a level set function and the objective functional corresponds to the surface of the image manifold. In this geometric(More)
In this paper, we provide a short review of Retinex and then present a unifying framework. The fundamental assumption of all Retinex models is that the observed image is a multiplication between the illumination and the true underlying reflectance of the object. Starting from Morel’s 2010 PDE model, where illumination is supposed to vary smoothly and where(More)
Native functional brain circuits show different numbers of synapses (synaptic densities) in the cerebral cortex. Until now, different synaptic densities could not be studied in vitro using current cell culture methods for primary neurons. Herein, we present a novel microfluidic based cell culture method that combines 3D micropatterning of hydrogel layers(More)
In this paper, we present a unifying framework for retinex that is able to reproduce many of the existing retinex implementations within a single model. The fundamental assumption, as shared with many retinex models, is that the observed image is a multiplication between the illumination and the true underlying reflectance of the object. Starting from(More)
In this paper we define a scale-space for cortical mean curvature maps on the sphere, that offers a hierarchical representation of the brain cortical structures, useful in multiscale registration and analysis algorithms. A spherical feature map was obtained through inflation of the cortical surface of one hemisphere, extracted from structural MR images.(More)