Dominique Würtz

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In dense urban and indoor scenarios, the Global Positioning System (GPS) often cannot provide reliable mobile terminal (MT) location estimates, due to the attenuation or complete shadowing of the satellite signals. Cellular radio network-based localization methods, however, provide MT location estimates in almost every scenario, but they do not reach the(More)
Radar wind profilers detect scatter from clear-air refractive-index irregularities. The Doppler shift calculated from the time series of the backscattered signal provides an estimate of the radial velocity of the air within the radar's resolution volume. It is known that there are quite a number of effects that can give rise to intrinsic biases in these(More)
Optimizing the SNR margin in Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM) systems can significantly improve stability of DSL networks in the presence of slowly varying noise. In this work, we present a novel distributed approach to the margin optimization problem where the network operator specifies the desired ratios of user margins relative to each other and, given(More)
In non-static scenarios where Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM) Level 2 is employed, an optimal power allocation can become invalid e.g. due to a joining user and thus has to be recomputed. To not unnecessarily interrupt service, the spectra should be updated successively as individual users start a new session. If not done carefully, this results in(More)
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