Dominique Vlieghe

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JASPAR is the most complete open-access collection of transcription factor binding site (TFBS) matrices. In this new release, JASPAR grows into a meta-database of collections of TFBS models derived by diverse approaches. We present JASPAR CORE--an expanded version of the original, non-redundant collection of annotated, high-quality matrix-based(More)
ORegAnno is an open-source, open-access database and literature curation system for community-based annotation of experimentally identified DNA regulatory regions, transcription factor binding sites and regulatory variants. The current release comprises 30 145 records curated from 922 publications and describing regulatory sequences for over 3853 genes and(More)
We introduce a method that considers target genes of a transcription factor, and searches for transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs) of secondary factors responsible for differential responses among these targets. Based on the distance difference matrix concept, the method simultaneously integrates statistical overrepresentation and co-occurrence of(More)
The synthesis of radioligands can benefit considerably from optimized recombinant protein production, both on the aspect of economy of production and on the level of improving the targeting and pharmacokinetics of the ligand. This paper first describes a general production optimization strategy, and then elaborates on a protein design strategy tailored to(More)
The present paper introduces the use of a weak cation-exchange/crown ether column in the proteomics field. The 18-crown-6 ether functionality is well-known to selectively complex ammonium and monoalkylammonium ions, which should make this column highly suitable to trap peptides with free alpha-NH(2) or free epsilon-NH(2) groups from lysine side chains. This(More)
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