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Forty patients with bladder carcinoma were examined preoperatively by means of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. In all patients, total cystectomy with enterocystoplasty and pelvic node dissection was performed. The surgical and pathologic findings were correlated with the MR findings. Extension through the deep muscle of the bladder wall was present in 20(More)
Metastatic peritoneal implants were assessed preoperatively with computed tomography (CT) in 38 patients with ovarian tumors. In the 106 biopsy specimens of gross peritoneal implants and the 118 random biopsy specimens obtained from these patients, metastatic deposits were detected in 27 of 38 (71%) patients and in 104 biopsy sites. CT depicted metastatic(More)
Understanding the levator ani complex architecture is of major clinical relevance. The aim of this study was to determine the feasibility of magnetic resonance (MR) fiber tractography with diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) as a tool for the three-dimensional (3D) representation of normal subdivisions of the levator ani. Ten young nulliparous female volunteers(More)
Review of the literature shows no report of hibernoma of the thigh extending into the pelvis. Herein we report a case of hibernoma which appeared on CT and MR as a well-defined pelvic mass with contrast enhancement extending through the obturator foramen into the thigh. Fat was demonstrated by CT, whereas MR, using multiplanar sections, better analyzes the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the accuracy of abdominal radiography (AXR) for the detection of residual cocaine packets by comparison with computed tomography (CT). METHODS Over a 1-year period unenhanced CT was systematically performed in addition to AXR for pre-discharge evaluation of cocaine body packers. AXR and CT were interpreted independently by two(More)
Nineteen patients with rectal carcinoma were evaluated prospectively. The extent of tumor and the relationship of the tumor to the levator ani muscle were studied as this determines the choice of the surgical procedure (abdominoperineal resection versus low anterior resection). Peroperative assessment and detailed evaluation of the pathologic specimens were(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the importance of color Doppler combined with conventional sonography in characterizing adnexal masses and to compare the results with those of spectral Doppler analysis alone and conventional sonography alone. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred and fifteen women with 132 adnexal masses (98 benign, three borderline, and 31 malignant)(More)
OBJECTIVE To correlate CT and MR patterns of ovarian mature cystic teratomas (MCT). SUBJECTS AND METHODS CT and MR findings in 25 histologically proven ovarian MCT were retrospectively reviewed. MCT characterization at CT and MR was based on detection of fat and/or a Rokitansky protuberance. MR signal intensity and CT density numbers of fat were(More)
OBJECTIVE Fibrothecomas of the ovary are mesenchymal tumors representing 4-5% of all ovarian neoplasms. The purpose of this study is to describe a large series of CT findings in this type of tumor. MATERIALS AND METHODS We reviewed retrospectively the CT examinations in 25 unilateral cases confirmed by surgery and pathology. Unenhanced and enhanced CT(More)