Dominique S. McMahon

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Stem cells have been heralded as a potential treatment for a wide range of diseases and injuryies, but the development of treatments is still only in initial stages, with most applications not yet demonstrating strong clinical benefit. In the interim, the sale of unproven stem cell interventions has developed into a global industry. Patients pay for stem(More)
AIM While China has become a significant contributor and prolific publisher in regenerative medicine, its role in the field is not well understood. We analyze how capacity in regenerative medicine was built in China to identify some of its main strengths and challenges. MATERIALS & METHODS This case study of regenerative medicine in China is primarily(More)
AIMS Although Brazil has received attention for conducting one of the world's largest stem cell clinical trials for heart disease, little has been published regarding Brazil's regenerative medicine (RM) sector. Here we present a comprehensive case study of RM in Brazil, including analysis of the current activity, the main motivations for engaging in RM and(More)
Developing countries such as China, India and Brazil are making large investments in the stem cell field. Here we argue that hands-on involvement in the field by these countries is essential if the products developed are going to be locally relevant, affordable and appropriate. However, stem cells are a high-risk investment and any global health impacts are(More)
BACKGROUND International collaboration (IC) is essential for the advance of stem cell research, a field characterized by marked asymmetries in knowledge and capacity between nations. China is emerging as a global leader in the stem cell field. However, knowledge on the extent and characteristics of IC in stem cell science, particularly China's collaboration(More)
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