Dominique Raynaud

Thomas F Stocker2
Michiel Van Den Broeke1
Valérie Masson-Delmotte1
Sigfus J Johnsen1
2Thomas F Stocker
1Michiel Van Den Broeke
1Valérie Masson-Delmotte
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  • Laurent Augustin, Carlo Barbante, Piers R F Barnes, Jean Marc Barnola, Matthias Bigler, Emiliano Castellano +50 others
  • 2004
The Antarctic Vostok ice core provided compelling evidence of the nature of climate, and of climate feedbacks, over the past 420,000 years. Marine records suggest that the amplitude of climate variability was smaller before that time, but such records are often poorly resolved. Moreover, it is not possible to infer the abundance of greenhouse gases in the(More)
  • Laetitia Loulergue, Adrian Schilt, Renato Spahni, Valérie Masson-Delmotte, Thomas Blunier, Bénédicte Lemieux +4 others
  • 2008
Atmospheric methane is an important greenhouse gas and a sensitive indicator of climate change and millennial-scale temperature variability. Its concentrations over the past 650,000 years have varied between approximately 350 and approximately 800 parts per 10(9) by volume (p.p.b.v.) during glacial and interglacial periods, respectively. In comparison,(More)
Diffusion of innovations and knowledge is in most cases accounted for by the logistic model. Fieldwork research however constantly report that empirical data utterly deviate from this mathematical function. This chapter scrutinizes network forcing of diffusion process. The departure of empirical data from the logistic function is explained by social network(More)
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