Dominique Pomerleau

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The cooling zone of an induration furnace is a highly interactive multivariable process with strong nonlinearities and dissimilar dynamics. Linear controllers, implemented on a first-principles process model, are unable to properly control the unit in a wide operating range. This paper proposes a design procedure which considers relevant process(More)
This paper describes autonomous vehicle and driver assistance research beginning with the 1997 National Automated Highway System Consortium Demonstration. As a microcosm of the community at large we discuss how Carnegie Mellon autonomous vehicle research has progressed in the last decade. Since the demonstration we have formed two companies: AssistWare(More)
Induration furnaces for iron-oxide pellets are expensive processes, due to their high energy consumption. Moreover, they are highly interactive and then complex to control. Real-time optimization strategies based on reliable process models are thus necessary. However, induration furnaces are described by distributed-parameter models that require long(More)
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