Dominique Picard

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Usually, methods for thresholding wavelet estimators are implemented term by term, with empirical coecients included or excluded depending on whether their absolute values exceed a level that re¯ects plausible moderate deviations of the noise. We argue that performance may be improved by pooling coecients into groups and thresholding them together. This(More)
In honor of Steve Smale's 75-th birthday with the warmest regards of the authors Abstract Let ρ be an unknown Borel measure defined on the space Z := X × Y with X ⊂ IR d and Y = [−M, M ]. Given a set z of m samples z i = (x i , y i) drawn according to ρ, the problem of estimating a regression function f ρ using these samples is considered. The main focus is(More)
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