Dominique Petitpierre

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In this paper we describe the contents and the method of production of the ACL European Corpus Initiative Multilingual Corpus 1 (ECI/MC1). This is a large multilingual electronic text corpus, containing 97 million words in 27 (mainly European) languages. It is available cheaply on CDROM. Most of the texts in the corpus are marked up using a fully-validated(More)
The recently completed MLIS DieoPro project addressed the need tbr a uniform, platformindependent interface for: accessing multiple dictionaries and other lexical resources via the Internet/intranets. Lexical da ta supplied by dict ionary publishers for the project was in a variety of SGML forn]ats. In order to transforrn this da ta to a convenient s(More)
MLCC was a corpus, acquisition project funded by the EC Telematics program.The aim was to collect a set of texts representing a substantial improvement in range, quantity and quality of corpus material available. Two sub-corpora have been defined to help meet the needs for multilingual data consisting of a comparable set of texts in six languages and a(More)
Foreword. Despite the single authorship of the paper, the work reported here is that of quite a large group of people; since the author's role was relatively limited, it seems only appropriate to open this paper with a list of them. Rod Johnson was primarily responsible for the overall shape of the system, and he, Mike Rosner, Dominique Petitpierre and John(More)
In this paper we address the problem of choosing the best solution(s) from a set of interpretations of the same object (in our case a segment of text). A notion of preference is stated, based on pairwise comparisons of complete interpretations in order to obtain a partial order among the competing interpretations. An experimental implementation is(More)
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