Dominique Ombredane

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From 1993 to 1995, more than 2000 of 0 + brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) were captured in a small brook in October and released after clipping the left pelvic fin. More than 1700 of them were also tagged with a small Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tag (11 mm long) implanted in the body cavity. Tagged juveniles were recaptured in May in the brook but(More)
To study the salmonids potential production of a coastal river main stream from simple characterization of the fish habitat, it was necessary to rate the hydrosystem's spatial heterogeneity. The presence of a number of dams on the river Elorn did not mask the two main levels of heterogeneity. Longitudinal zonation was the first level of heterogeneity(More)
Traditional rangelands in many developing countries are currently being encroached by cultivation, driving some herders to illegally use protected areas for grazing their cattle. Since cattle are an exotic species in these ecosystems, they might have an impact on the local wild herbivore communities, notably through competition. We used point pattern(More)
To assess the correlation between four visual morphological types based on body colour and shape (fario trout, FT; shiny fario, SFT; presmolt trout, PST; typical smolt ST) of juvenile brown trout Salmo trutta during downstream spring migration and the biological form at the adult stage (river or sea), mark-recapture experiments were carried out over a(More)
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