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Cognitive radio has been an active research area in wireless communications over the past 10 years. TV Digital Switch Over resulted in new regulatory regimes, which offer the first large-scale opportunity for cognitive radio and networks. This article considers the most recent regulatory rules for TV White Space opportunistic usage, and proposes(More)
— Opportunistic use of White Spaces (WS) has opened up a whole new paradigm in research on cognitive radio (CR). One of the issues addressed by the QoSMOS project is the design of a flexible and efficient physical layer (PHY) for CR systems. To this aim, different modulation techniques are being investigated and are presented in this paper. They fulfill the(More)
Cognitive Radio has been one of the key research topics in the wireless community for about 10 years. The digital switch-over in the TV bands provides opportunities for Cognitive Radio Systems (CRS) to operate in the UHF spectrum under incumbent protection restrictions. Regulation bodies, in particular the FCC and OFCOM in the UK, have specified parameters(More)
— In this paper, the wireless microphone sensing is addressed for a TV white space communication and we aim to achieve an efficient semi-blind detection of narrowband FM modulation signals. To this end, the proposed solution is to use the Teager-Kaiser energy operator which takes into account the non-linear model of speech. Then, a filterbank based(More)