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Gorgonians are one of the most important benthic components of tropical and temperate areas, and play a fundamental role as ecosystem engineers. Although global warming and pollution increasingly threaten them, the acquisition of nutrients, which is a key process in fitness and stress resistance, has been poorly investigated in such species. This study has(More)
Estuarine waters contain a variety of chemicals which affect to various extents the behavior of aquatic organisms. Little is known, however, on the behavioral response of copepods. The present study shows the results of laboratory experiments investigating the immediate effects of sub-lethal concentrations of three commonly found contaminants on the(More)
To determine how marine microorganisms locally interact, it is critical to assess their 3-dimensional distribution with microscale spatial sampling resolution and minimal disturbance. Here we describe a 3-dimensional syringe pump water sampling device that overcomes the constraints of previous 1or 2-dimensional samplers. 3DMAPPER consists of a 1-m3 cubic(More)
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