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Sustained Spending and Persistent Response: A New Look at Long-Term Marketing Profitability
An intuitively appealing decision rule is to allocate a company's scarce marketing resources to where they have the greatest long-term benefit. This principle, however, is easier to accept than it isExpand
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Marketing and Firm Value: Metrics, Methods, Findings, and Future Directions
The marketing profession is being challenged to assess and communicate the value created by its actions on shareholder value. These demands create a need to translate marketing resource allocationsExpand
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Market Response Models: Econometric and Time Series Analysis
This book reports over a decade's worth of research on the development of empirical response models that have important uses for generating marketing knowledge and improving marketing decisions. SomeExpand
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The Long-Term Effects of Price Promotions on Category Incidence, Brand Choice, and Purchase Quantity
To what extent do price promotions have a long-term effect on the components of brand sales, namely, category incidence, brand choice, and purchase quantity? The authors answer this question by usingExpand
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Product Innovations, Advertising and Stock Returns
Abstract Under increased scrutiny from top management and shareholders, marketing managers feel the need to measure and communicate the impact of their actions on shareholder returns. In particular,Expand
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The Direct and Indirect Effects of Advertising Spending on Firm Value
Marketing decision makers are increasingly aware of the importance of shareholder value maximization, which calls for an evaluation of the long-term effects of their actions on product-marketExpand
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The Impact of Marketing-Induced Versus Word-of-Mouth Customer Acquisition on Customer Equity Growth
Abstract Companies can acquire customers through costly but fast-acting marketing investments or through slower but cheaper word-of-mouth processes. Their long-term success depends critically on theExpand
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Modeling Asymmetric Competition
The effects of the marketing actions of one brand can be distributed among its competitors' market shares in a complex manner. This paper presents and illustrates methods for modeling brandExpand
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Do Promotions Benefit Manufacturers, Retailers, or Both?
A large-scale econometric investigation of the effects of price promotions on manufacturer revenues, retailer revenues, and total profits (margins). Expand
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Performance Regimes and Marketing Policy Shifts
Even in mature markets, managers are expected to improve their brands' performance year after year. When successful, they can expect to continue executing on an established marketing strategy.Expand
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