Dominique M.M.-P. Schreurs

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If you are an engineer or RF designer working with wireless transmitter power amplifier models, this comprehensive and up-to-date exposition of nonlinear power amplifier behavioral modeling theory and techniques is an absolute must-have. Including a detailed treatment of nonlinear impairments, as well as chapters on memory effects, simulation aspects for(More)
We develop a method to detrend the phases of measured multisine signals. We find a time reference that removes the linear component of the measured phases and aligns them, within a precision specified by the user, to their expected values. An initial guess is provided by a closed-form expression. We then find the global minimum of a user-specified error(More)
A modeling method that allows one to rapidly build data driven models for nonlinear components is discussed. The models are constructed from input/output time domain data and their "embeddings". The notion of models built from embeded data is described in the Taken's Embedding Theorem and has been extensively explored for modeling autonomous systems in the(More)
A powerful and systematic approach to behavioral modeling of nonlinear microwave/RF circuits in the time domain is presented, integrating several techniques from nonlinear dynamical systems analysis. Algorithms based on information-theoretic principles help determine efficient tradeoffs between model accuracy, speed, and complexity. Models are constructed(More)
The Complexity and Simulation time of MOSFET equations are major problems in VLSI applications and these problems should be resolved using different methods which are capable to conquer these limitations. The method of block designing for all the MOSFET equations like current, voltage, capacitance characteristics, flat band capacitance, threshold voltage,(More)
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