Dominique Lesselier

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We are concerned with the retrieval of the unknown cross section of a homogeneous cylindrical obstacle embedded in a homogeneous medium and illuminated by time-harmonic electromagnetic line sources. The dielectric parameters of the obstacle and embedding materials are known and piecewise constant. That is, the shape (here, the contour) of the obstacle is(More)
Most biological bodies are structured in the sense that they contain quite well-defined interfaces between regions of different types of tissue or anatomical material. Extracting structural information from medical or biological images has been an important research topic for a long time. Recently, much attention has been devoted to quite novel techniques(More)
Eddy-Current nondestructive evaluation of metal plates is of interest in a wide range of applications such as quality control in production lines or in-service inspection of industrial facilities. Both the tube and plate configuration have been studied earlier, by using different iterative optimization processes [1, 2]. These solutions are computation-heavy(More)
A new mean of solution of eddy current testing (ECT) inverse problems is presented herein. The aim is to characterize a defect within a generic work piece by inverting an ECT signal in a short time (less than 5 s on a standard PC). The inverse problem is solved using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). As inputs of this algorithm, a metamodel is used in(More)