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SUMMARY Absolute ethanol is the most effective agent in the treatment of venous malformation (VM) although it is quite risky to use because of the danger of diffusion beyond the target. To reduce this risk, we have developed an alcoholic sclerosing solution that is less diffusible. The viscosity of absolute ethanol was enhanced with monographic(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to identify criteria able to distinguish between Jessner's lymphocytic infiltration of the skin (JLIS) and lupus erythematosus tumidus (LET). METHODS The following characteristics were recorded in a retrospective, multicenter analysis of patients with JLIS and LET: clinical features (number, size, type, and localization of lesions;(More)
Psoriatic-onycho-pachydermo-periostitis is a particular form of psoriatic arthropathy recently described, which combine psoriatic onychosis, thickening of the distal soft tissues and osteo-periostitis of the distal phalanx without lesion of the interphalangeal joint. Biological examinations are normal. Radiological lesions show a phalanx condensation which(More)
Interstitial granulomatous dermatitis with arthritis is a new entity characterized by linear or arciform subcutaneous cords. We describe a patient presenting with typical cutaneous lesions extending from the anterior and posterior part of the axillae to the flank. The lesions had been present for 6 years with flares and remission. Histopathologic(More)
The role of IFN-gamma in the regulation of inflammation leading to gram-negative septic shock is still poorly understood. IFN-gamma blockade has been shown to improve the survival of animals challenged with i.v. bolus injections of LPS and gram-negative bacteria. We have investigated a model of focal Escherichia coli infection leading to peritonitis and(More)
A little girl who was suffering from chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis also had a cellular immune deficiency and undetectable IgA levels. She was treated continuously for 6 years with ketoconazole at the same dosage of 200 mg/day. She was rapidly clear from infection and did not relapse although her immune abnormalities persisted. During this long-term(More)
10 cases of keratoderma climactericum are reported. This keratosis of the palms and soles appears late in women of menopausal age. The keratotic lesions first develop at the plantar pressure points, making walking troublesome. Involvement of the hands remains discrete. Examination for contact allergy, fungal tests, vitamin A serum levels, and sex hormones(More)