Dominique Lemur

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In the HF band (3-30 MHz), the equipment used for transmission or for location finding, rely on the antenna system which can be very varied, using antenna diversity and/or space diversity. The roles of these antennas or antenna arrays are presented in this paper using a bi-vectorial model related to ionospheric links. This narrow band model includes(More)
This paper presents an application of a blind spatio temporal equalization based on the Constant Modulus Algorithm (CMA). The context is the development of an operational system of transmission through the ionospheric channel for transhorizon radio links and the technical challenge is to increase significantly the data transfer rate of standard modems(More)
To improve the quality of the mobile reception of DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting on Terrestrial networks) signal, the knowledge of the propagation channel characteristics is necessary. In this aim, this paper presents sounding methods and results for the estimation of Direction of Arrival (DoA) of DVB-T signals in mobile receiving configuration. The(More)
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