Dominique Lemoine

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The aim was to develop a high-throughput screening method compatible with low protein concentrations, as present in vaccines, in order to evaluate the performance of various excipients in preventing the aggregation at air-liquid interface of an experimental recombinant antigen called Antigen 18A. Aggregation of Antigen 18A was triggered by shaking in a(More)
In high-throughput screening (HTS) assays, the use of ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy (UA) is commonly limited to concentration and turbidity measurements. Our aim was to evaluate microplate-based UA and its second-derivative [(2d)UA] for measuring the conformational stability of two recombinant antigenic proteins in the presence of 44 excipients.(More)
A novel vacuum wafer-level packaging technology for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) is presented. It supports monolithic integration with electronics, and is suitable for different MEMS processes. Bulk-etched transverse feedthroughs are used to connect with the encapsulated systems. Silicon carbide is successfully used for membrane stress(More)
Aluminum-containing salts are important adjuvants in the formulations of many licensed human vaccines. However, in the early stage of the design of a new vaccine, a thorough understanding of the adsorption mechanisms of an antigen onto an aluminum salt is required. Therefore, we have developed a robust, rapid, and reproducible high-throughput screening(More)
Jean Fran~ois SIGRIST Service Scientifique et Technique DCN Etablissement de Nantes lndret 44620 LA MONTAGNE, France Dominique LEMOINE Service Scientifique et Technique DCN Etablissement de Nantes lndret 44620 LA MONTAGNE, France This paper is related to the study of a nuclear propulsion(More)
High-throughput screening technologies are increasingly integrated into the formulation development process of biopharmaceuticals. The performance of liquid handling systems is dependent on the ability to deliver accurate and precise volumes of specific reagents to ensure process quality. We have developed an automated gravimetric calibration procedure to(More)
The adsorption mechanism of antigen on aluminum adjuvant can affect antigen elution at the injection site and hence the immune response. Our aim was to evaluate adsorption onto aluminum hydroxide (AH) by ligand exchange and electrostatic interactions of model proteins and antigens, bovine serum albumin (BSA), β-casein, ovalbumin (OVA), hepatitis B surface(More)
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