Dominique Laurent

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<i>OLAP</i> users heavily rely on visualization of query answers for their interactive analysis of massive amounts of data. Very often, these answers cannot be visualized entirely and the user has to navigate through them to find relevant facts.In this paper, we propose a framework for personalizing <i>OLAP</i> queries. In this framework, the user is asked(More)
QRISTAL [8] is a question answering system making intensive use of natural language processing both for indexing documents and extracting answers. It recently ranked first in the EQueR evaluation campaign (Evalda, Technolangue [3]). This article proposes a functional description of the system. Then, it presents our results for the CLEF 2005 campaign and a(More)
Views over databases have regained attention in the context of data warehouses, which are seen as materialized views. In this setting, efficient view maintenance is an important issue, for which the notion of self-maintainability has been identified as desirable. In this paper, we extend the concept of self-maintainability to (query and update) independence(More)
This paper describes the ARCADE II project, concerned with the evaluation of parallel text alignment systems. The ARCADE II project aims at exploring the techniques of multilingual text alignment through a fine evaluation of the existing techniques and the development of new alignment methods. The evaluation campaign consists of two tracks devoted to the(More)
We introduce a method for building an XML constraint validator from a given set of schema, key and foreign key constraints. The XML constraint validator obtained by our method is a bottom-up tree transducer that is used not only for checking, in only one pass, the correctness of an XML document but also for incrementally validating updates over this(More)
The growth and toxin production in a clonal strain of Gambierdiscus polynesiensis, TB-92, was examined in batch culture conditions. The mean growth rate at exponential phase was (0.13+/-0.03)division day(-1). Regardless of the age of cultures, all mice injected with dichloromethanolic and methanolic extracts showed symptoms specific to ciguatoxin (CTX) and(More)
Commonly used in network routing, programming, classification and knowledge representation systems, labeling schemes have also interested the XML community. We thus motivate and describe numbering schemes, their applications, and the trade off between storage capacities and runtime performance. We present a taxonomy of numbering schemes for XML based on the(More)
Marine pelagic diazotrophic cyanobacteria of the genus Trichodesmium (Oscillatoriales) are widespread throughout the tropics and subtropics, and are particularly common in the waters of New Caledonia. Blooms of Trichodesmium are suspected to be a potential source of toxins in the ciguatera food chain and were previously reported to contain several types of(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Senescent leaves of Heliotropium foertherianum Diane & Hilger (Boraginaceae) are traditionally used in the Pacific region to treat Ciguatera Fish Poisoning. This plant contains rosmarinic acid that is known for its multiple biological activities. In the present study, H. foertherianum aqueous extract, rosmarinic acid and its(More)