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BACKGROUND Some strains of Propionibacterium have bifidogenic properties and enhance gut motility in the animal. However, they are not part of the indigenous fecal flora. This study was designed to assess the digestive survival of ingested propionibacteria, their bifidogenic properties, and the resulting changes in colonic transit time in healthy humans. (More)
Although heme iron is highly bioavailable, the low iron content of hemoglobin prevents its use for dietary fortification; on the other hand, purified heme has low solubility and absorption rate. The present study was designed to assess the interactions between concentrated heme iron and peptides released during globin hydrolysis and cysteine and their(More)
The mechanisms responsible for the neurotoxic effects of Al remain poorly understood. In order to determine whether Al promotes oxidative stress in vivo, we measured the enzymatic activity of xanthine oxidase (XO), superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase (GPX), glutathione-S-transferase (GST) and glutathione reductase (GR) in four groups of rats(More)
The molybdenum (Mo) levels in the plasma and urine of 30 premature and 15 full-term infants have been compared with the Mo intakes and urine uric acid excretion (uric acid/creatinine ratio) produced by the Mo enzyme xanthine oxidase. The Mo intakes of full-term infants were 41 +/- 14 nmol/kg/day (mean +/- SEM). In the premature group breast milk supplied(More)
Abnormalities in hematologic parameters, associated with prolonged utilization of intravenous fat emulsion (IVFE), were observed in seven children on long-term cyclic total parenteral nutrition (TPN). All patients were receiving IVFE (Intralipid 20%) 1 to 2 g/kg/24 hr as part of TPN, during 3 to 18 months. Recurrent thrombocytopenia occurred in all seven(More)
In this study, we examined fat oxidation rates during exercise in obese pubescent boys. Three groups of pubescent boys (16 pre-pubescent, Tanner's stage I; 16 pubescent, Tanner's stage III; and 14 post-pubescent, Tanner's stage V) performed a graded test on a leg cycle ergometer. The first step of the test was fixed at 30 W and power was gradually increased(More)
Binding iron to the phosphorylated beta(1-25) peptide derived from beta-casein improves iron bioavailability in the rat. The aim of the present work was to learn how injected beta(1-25) and iron-beta(1-25) complex behave in the duodenum of rats using the technique of intestinal ligation in situ and reversed-phase (RP)-high performance liquid(More)
AIMS Enterobacter sakazakii is an emerging food-borne pathogen that can cause rare but severe forms of neonatal meningitis, bacteraemia and necrotizing enterocolitis. A rapid typing method at the strain level is needed to determine the monoclonality or polyclonality of the isolates during outbreaks. METHODS AND RESULTS The BOX-PCR fingerprinting(More)
The biological and physiological activities of milk proteins are partially attributed to several peptides encrypted in the protein molecules. These peptides can be liberated by enzymatic digestion in vitro and in vivo. Among the biologically active molecules, phosphorylated peptides (caseinophosphopeptides, CPP) are known to exert an effect on calcium(More)
Seventeen children with extended resection of the small intestine, chronic intestinal adynamia or Crohn's disease were given prolonged parenteral nutrition through an arteriovenous fistula, exclusively of associated with enteral nutrition. This new technique allowed the patients to lead a normal life, with a normal growth. In more than 22 patient-years no(More)