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Development of the eye can be subdivided into three phases. The first phase is the formation of the major structures of the eye by the processes of induction and regional specification. The second is the maturation of these structures to form the functional eye, and the third phase is the formation of neuronal connections between retina and the optic(More)
We report on the isolation of a murine homeobox-containing gene, Six6 (Optx2), that shows extended identity in its coding region with Six3, the only member of the mammalian Six gene family known to be expressed in the optic primordium. Phylogenetic analysis demonstrates that Six6 and Six3 belong to a separate group of homeobox-genes that are closely related(More)
The mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade operates downstream of Ras to convey cell-surface signals to the nucleus via nuclear translocation of ERK1 and ERK2. We and others have recently demonstrated that activation of ERK1/2 by growth factors is required for proliferation of intestinal epithelial crypt cells. However, it remained to be established(More)
Background: Integrins are known to be important contributors to cancer progression. We have previously shown that the integrin β4 subunit is up-regulated in primary colon cancer. Its partner, the integrin α6 subunit, exists as two different mRNA splice variants, α6A and α6B, that differ in their cytoplasmic domains but evidence for distinct biological(More)
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