Dominique Jean

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Numerous cases of acute mountain sickness (AMS) during trekking were reported to have been successfully treated with portable pressure chambers. The effect of early pressurization during acute altitude exposure in the Alps had not been previously studied. In order to test the hypothesis that an early pressurization of unacclimatized subjects for 3 h could(More)
The effects of altitude on pregnancy have been extensively studied in high altitude residents, but there is a lack of knowledge concerning the pregnant altitude visitor. Exposure to hypoxia results in physiologic responses which act to preserve maternal and fetal oxygenation. However, these reactions are limited and maternal/fetal complications may be(More)
Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is an immune-mediated disorder which can be triggered by cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection. GBS following CMV primary infection is a rare event during pregnancy, which raises the question of maternal and fetal management. We describe an unusual case of GBS after CMV primary infection in a pregnant woman. The mother was(More)
Hillebrandt, David, Paul Richards, Andy Clark, and Dominique Jean. Zika virus advice for mountaineers: A UIAA Medcom consensus advice sheet. High Alt Med Biol. 17:70-71, 2016.-With the current media coverage of the spread of Zika virus from Africa and Asia to Central and South America and its possible relationship with fetal abnormalities, UIAA Medcom has(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether high altitude travel adversely affects mountain enthusiasts with Raynaud's phenomenon. METHODS Volunteers with Raynaud's phenomenon were recruited using announcements disseminated by organizations dedicated to climbing or wilderness travel and Internet discussion boards dedicated to mountain activities to complete an online,(More)
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