Dominique Haughton

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to present a new framework to examine the adoption of virtual worlds. Virtual worlds, defined as internet-based simulated environments that emulate the real world and are intended for users to inhabit and interact within them through avatars, are growing fast and are attracting more and more users.(More)
This study examines the latest quantitative evidence on disparities in living standards between and among the different ethnic groups in Vietnam. Using data from the 1998 Vietnam Living Standards Survey and 1999 Census, we show that Kinh and Hoa (“majority”) households have substantially higher living standards than “minority” households from Vietnam’s(More)
Even though social networking sites are very popular all around the globe, social networks for professionals have not received much attention from the scientific community. We study how physicians interact with each other from the perspective of network analysis. In our study, we treat each physician as a node, and the link between them represents their(More)
We present to the statistical community an overview of five data mining packages with the intent of leaving the reader with a sense of the different capabilities, the ease or difficulty of use, and the user interface of each package. We are not attempting to perform a controlled comparison of the algorithms in each package to decide which has the strongest(More)
Abstract: Information quality assessment is the process of inspecting business information to ensure that it meets the needs of the knowledge workers who depend on it. We suggest in this paper that, prior to implementing a system to assess quality, those responsible for information quality can use a subset of clean data to create a statistical model of a(More)
In this paper, we propose a Bayesian methodology for examining differences between statistics of a social network at two distinct points in time. The problem has been of interest for some time in the social networks community because it is quite difficult to test whether differences over time in statistics such as overall network connectivities are(More)
Many of the 1.5 billion users of social media send or receive messages or post or access new content every day. The personal, social, political and business implications of this volume of activity are profound. Extracting useful information from this activity presents a challenge for scientists, technologists and also scholars in other disciplines. Taking(More)