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We analyze interfaces by using reflected waves in the framework of the wavelet transform. First, we introduce the wavelet transform as an efficient method to detect and characterize a discontinuity in the acoustical impedance profile of a material. Synthetic examples are shown for both an isolated reflector and multiscale clusters of nearby defects. In the(More)
Electric potential has been monitored since December 2003 in the roots and at two circumferences and one vertical profile in a standing poplar (Populus nigra). Electric potential is sampled using 6 mm diameter stainless steel rods, inserted 5 mm deep in the sapwood and is referenced to an unpolarisable lead/lead chloride electrode installed 80 cm deep in(More)
A method is proposed to find the digital input signals to enter in nonlinear acoustical systems (power amplifiers, transducers, etc.) in order to obtain desired arbitrary response signals. The searched input signals are found by performing a Monte Carlo search guided by a simulated annealing process applied to a hidden model with a small number of(More)
We consider some practical issues of the determination of the b-value of sequences of magnitudes with the bootstrap method for short series of length L and various quantization levels Dm of the magnitude. Preliminary Monte Carlo tests performed with Dm ¼ 0 demonstrate the superiority of the maximum likelihood estimator b MLE , and the inconsistency of the,(More)
Catastrophic collapses of the flanks of stratovolcanoes constitute a major hazard threatening numerous lives in many countries. Although many such collapses occurred following the ascent of magma to the surface, many are not associated with magmatic reawakening but are triggered by a combination of forcing agents such as pore-fluid pressurization and/or(More)
Usage of secondary cosmic muons to image the geological structures density distribution significantly developed during the past ten years. Recent applications demonstrate the method interest to monitor magma ascent and volcanic gas movements inside volcanoes. Muon radiography could be used to monitor density variations in aquifers and the critical zone in(More)
We perform a multiscale analysis of the backscattering properties of a complex interface between water and a layer of randomly arranged glass beads with diameter D=1 mm. An acoustical experiment is done to record the wavelet response of the interface in a large frequency range from lambda/D=0.3 to lambda/D=15. The wavelet response is a physical analog of(More)