Dominique Fleury

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Constant downscaling of transistors leads to increase the relative difference between Lmask and Leff . Effective length (Leff ) extractions are now crucial to avoid calculations errors on parameters such as the mobility, which can exceed 100% for shorter devices. We propose an industrially-adapted method to extract Leff by using an enhanced ”split C-V”(More)
This paper reports a new methodology to monitor L-dependent mobility degradation based on empirical modeling of experimental results. This method allows benchmarking the impact on mobility degradation of different technological modules, thus giving some guidelines for device optimization. Introduction As channel length L of MOSFETs is scaling down,(More)
In this study, a new technique to extract the S/D series resistance (R<inf>sd</inf>) from the total resistance versus transconductance gain plot R<inf>tot</inf>(1/&#x03B2;) is proposed. The technique only requires the measurement of I<inf>d</inf>(V<inf>gs</inf>)&#x007C;<inf>Vgt</inf> and &#x03B2;, allowing fast and statistical analysis in an industrial(More)
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