Dominique Deneux

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The article is an introduction to a new concept of assembly features able to support intelligent design and manufacturing of complex products. An assembly feature is de®ned as a generic solution referring to two groups of parts that need to be related by a relationship so as to solve a design problem. The concept of assembly feature encompasses the notions(More)
Nowadays, not only the production but also the design of industrial products is subject to severe constraints in terms of time, quality and delay. In order to satisfy these constraints, it is necessary to efficiently integrate the most recurrent tasks of the design process. For a large majority of mechanical products, the integration of mechanical analysis(More)
A double-labeling immunofluorescence procedure was used to determine whether progesterone receptor (PR)-immunoreactive (IR) neurons in the preoptic area and hypothalamus of female guinea pigs also contained aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase (AADC), an enzyme involved in the synthesis of both catecholamines and serotonin. Immunostaining was performed on(More)
The benchmark of several high-level control strategies is required during the design of flexible manufacturing systems. Virtual commissioning is a popular approach to test and validate the behavior of the target control system based on a virtual model. It can actually simulate and help study the behavior of electro-mechanical shop floor components,(More)
Double-label immunocytochemistry has been employed to determine whether progesterone receptor (PR)-containing neurons in the arcuate nucleus (AR) of female guinea pig contain neuropeptide Y (NPY). Animals were ovariectomized, primed by estradiol and microinjected intracerebroventricularly with colchicine to visualize NPY-immunoreactive (IR) neurons. Only a(More)
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