Dominique Décultot

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A new approach is used to predict the acoustic form function (FF) for an infinite length cylindrical shell excited perpendicularly to its axis using the artificial neural network (ANN) techniques. The Wigner-Ville distribution is used like a comparison tool between the FF calculated by the analytical method and that predicted by the ANN techniques for a(More)
A neural network is developed to predict cut-off dimensionless frequencies of the antisymmetric circumferential waves (Ai) propagating around an elastic circular cylindrical shell of different radius ratio b/a (a, outer radius; b, inner radius). The useful data to train and test the performances of the model are determinated from calculated trajectories of(More)
A new approach is used to predict the pressure backscattered by a tube using the artificial neural networks (ANNs) techniques. The studied tube consists of steel. During the development of the network, several configurations are evaluated for various radius ratio b/a (a: outer radius, b: inner radius of tube). The multilayer perceptron (MLP) is used in the(More)
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