Dominique Décultot

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Acoustic scattering from a finite air-filled elastic cylindrical shell, immersed in water, is investigated. The shell is made of stainless steel and has a thickness to outer radius ratio of 17%. The considered dimensionless frequency range extends over 7 << k1a << 22 (k1: wave number in water, a: outer radius). Bistatic measurements are carried out to(More)
A neural network is developed to predict cut-off dimensionless frequencies of the antisymmetric circumferential waves (Ai) propagating around an elastic circular cylindrical shell of different radius ratio b/a (a, outer radius; b, inner radius). The useful data to train and test the performances of the model are determinated from calculated trajectories of(More)
A new approach is used to predict the acoustic form function (FF) for an infinite length cylindrical shell excited perpendicularly to its axis using the artificial neural network (ANN) techniques. The Wigner-Ville distribution is used like a comparison tool between the FF calculated by the analytical method and that predicted by the ANN techniques for a(More)
The present paper studies the acoustic signal backscattered by an air-filled copper–solid polymer two-layer cylindrical tube immersed in water. The work is done from the calculation of the backscattered pressure, an inverse Fourier Transform, which allows us to obtain an impulse signal. Smoothed pseudo Wigner–Ville and Concentrated spectrogram(More)
The evaluation of sound pressure levels produced by submerged structures is a part of regulations on underwater noise pollution. The purpose of this work is the study of the underwater acoustic radiation of a stainless steel tube subjected to vibrations generated by a shock obtained by using a hammer. The vibrations of the tube, placed successively in air(More)
This paper deals with wave conversion phenomena through a study of the acoustic scattering from a stiffened cylindrical shell at normal incidence. The analysis presented follows the experimental study which explored the acoustic wave propagation and scattering processes in the case of air-filled submerged cylindrical shells having internal axial solder [J.(More)
INTRODUCTION Fish quality is traditionally controlled by chemical and microbiological analysis. The non-destructive control presents an enormous professional interest thanks to the technical contribution and precision of the analysis to which it leads. This paper presents the results obtained from a characterisation of fish thaw-ing process by the(More)
In the domain of renewable energies, marine current turbines constitute one of the possibilities of producing electrical energy. Naked-eye inspection, or with the aid of video monitoring systems of these machines to ensure their perfect working order, can be difficult in a turbid environment. Acoustic methods are conceivable. The study focuses on the blades(More)
The acoustic scattering of a plane wave by an elastic cylindrical shell is studied. A new approach is developed to predict the form function of an immersed cylindrical shell of the radius ratio b/a ('b' is the inner radius and 'a' is the outer radius). The prediction of the backscattered form function is investigated by a combined approach between fuzzy(More)
A number of papers have shown that it is possible to characterize an air-filled cylindrical shell immersed in water using data obtained from a backscattering spectrum. The scattered impulse time signal is constituted of echoes linked to the reradiation of waves circumnavigating around the cylindrical target. In the first part of this work, the scattered(More)