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A neural network is developed to predict cut-off dimensionless frequencies of the antisymmetric circumferential waves (Ai) propagating around an elastic circular cylindrical shell of different radius ratio b/a (a, outer radius; b, inner radius). The useful data to train and test the performances of the model are determinated from calculated trajectories of(More)
Acoustic scattering from a finite air-filled elastic cylindrical shell, immersed in water, is investigated. The shell is made of stainless steel and has a thickness to outer radius ratio of 17%. The considered dimensionless frequency range extends over 7 << k1a << 22 (k1: wave number in water, a: outer radius). Bistatic measurements are carried out to(More)
A new approach is used to predict the acoustic form function (FF) for an infinite length cylindrical shell excited perpendicularly to its axis using the artificial neural network (ANN) techniques. The Wigner-Ville distribution is used like a comparison tool between the FF calculated by the analytical method and that predicted by the ANN techniques for a(More)
The present paper studies the acoustic signal backscattered by an air-filled copper–solid polymer two-layer cylindrical tube immersed in water. The work is done from the calculation of the backscattered pressure, an inverse Fourier Transform, which allows us to obtain an impulse signal. Smoothed pseudo Wigner–Ville and Concentrated spectrogram(More)
This work concerns monitoring the polymerization of an epoxy resin and its hardener. An ultrasonic pulse echo technique was used to monitor the attenuation, the phase velocity, and the acoustic impedance of the resin as a function of time. The first two parameters give information about the average state of the hardening of the resin itself. The third(More)
A new approach is used to predict the pressure backscattered by a tube using the artificial neural networks (ANNs) techniques. The studied tube consists of steel. During the development of the network, several configurations are evaluated for various radius ratio b/a (a: outer radius, b: inner radius of tube). The multilayer perceptron (MLP) is used in the(More)
This paper is devoted to the study of acoustic vibrations induced by a flow upon an air-filled cylindrical tube vertically placed in water. A water pump with adapted piping generates a turbulent flow horizontally canalized in a large laboratory tank (6 m × 4 m × 3 m). The tube is located across this flow and an accelerometer measures vibrations. The signal(More)
The evaluation of sound pressure levels produced by submerged structures is a part of regulations on underwater noise pollution. The purpose of this work is the study of the underwater acoustic radiation of a stainless steel tube subjected to vibrations generated by a shock obtained by using a hammer. The vibrations of the tube, placed successively in air(More)
Acoustic backscattering from elastic cylindrical shells of finite lengths, immersed in water, is investigated. These objects, characterized by the ratio of length over diameter (L/2a = 9.76, 4.88, 2.44, a: outer radius), are excited by an obliquely incident plane acoustic wave. In the three cases studied here, the radii ratio b/a (b: inner radius) is fixed(More)
Acoustic scattering from a finite plate reinforced by parallel ribs with arbitrary rib spacing is investigated by applying thin plate and beam theories. The modal component of the surface pressure is calculated by an asymptotic expression that is only valid for higher-order modes at high frequencies. An approximate expression is derived for the far field(More)