Dominique Courcier

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In Martinique, a man bitten two days earlier by a pit viper (Bothrops lanceolatus) was hospitalized with impaired consciousness and tetraplegia. Investigations confirmed cerebral and myocardial infarctions. Resolving thrombocytopenia was associated with virtually normal blood prothrombin time/activated partial thromboplastin time but increasing(More)
OBJECTIVE The transportation of critically ill patients in the French West Indies represents a real challenge; in order to ensure territorial continuity of health care provision, the cardiac surgical department of the Fort-de-France Hospital created a mobile ECMO/ECLS unit. The aim of our work is to describe the logistical, technical and financial aspects(More)
In a prospective study, 180 infants, mean age 2-6 months, hospitalized for apparent life threatening events between October 1985 and September 1988 (for 7,261 infants admitted into the pediatric unit during the same period), were submitted to the following investigations: careful anamnesis, complete clinical examination, systematic paraclinical(More)
SIDS is in most cases unforeseeable and unavoidable. However, present progress in knowledge about this syndrome allows practitioners to give preventive advice, for two types of infant: for all neonates--simple advice of infant care and hygiene--for some at risk babies (siblings of SIDS cases, ALTE, premature), advice on tests, or treatment or more specific(More)
Among 4,411 children hospitalized from May 1985 through April 1987, 100 infants (mean age three months) had exhibited an apparently life-threatening event. Management included careful history taking by interviewing parents, a thorough physical evaluation, routine laboratory tests, and cardiorespiratory monitoring. A variety of further investigations were(More)
INTRODUCTION The financial difficulties encountered by Martinique hospitals has led to restructuring of the territory's medical project with the merger of three healthcare facilities. These new constraints impacting the work environment with organizational consequences in services. METHODS A management experiment was attempted in a geriatric day care(More)
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