Dominique Collard

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The self-assembling of three-dimensional (3-D) MEMS from polysilicon surface micromachined part is very attractive. To avoid risky external manipulation, the practical use of integrated actuator to perform the assembling task is required. To that goal, this paper presents detailed characteristics of the electrostatic surface micromachined scratch drive(More)
This paper presents a microgripper using an amplification mechanism coupled to an electrostatic linear motor. The gripper design, particularly the principle of the amplification mechanism based on the combination of ground-links and moving pin-joints, is explained. The linear motor is composed of scratch drive actuator inducing the use of electrostatic(More)
We demonstrate the active transport of liquid cargos in the form of oil-in-water emulsion droplets loaded on kinesin motor proteins moving along oriented microtubules. We analyze the motility properties of the kinesin motors (velocity and run length) and find that the liquid cargo in the form of oil droplets does not alter the motor function of the kinesin(More)
This paper presents a systematic method to isolate and trap long single DNA segments between integrated electrodes in a microfluidic environment. Double stranded lambda-DNA molecules are introduced in a microchip and are isolated by electrophoretic force through microfluidic channels. Downstream, each individual molecule is extended and oriented by ac(More)
The study of the electrical properties of DNA has aroused increasing interest since the last decade. So far, controversial arguments have been put forward to explain the electrical charge transport through DNA. Our experiments on DNA bundles manipulated with silicon-based actuated tweezers demonstrate undoubtedly that humidity is the main factor affecting(More)
Despite the benefits of miniaturized devices, handling of tiny amount of molecules became a great challenge. Direct transport, similar to the one in intracellular transport, is a way to cope with the problem of transporting tiny amount of materials. Using motor proteins, i.e. kinesin, and the corresponding rail structures, i.e. microtubules, provides(More)
An alternative method of micro/nano-transport has been achieved by using motor proteins. Microtubules on a kinesin-coated surface have potential to act as a nano-transport system. When microtubules are used as carriers, either cargo or cargo linkers are attached on the microtubule surface. Such cargo attachments can significantly affect kinesin motion. To(More)
Digital microfluidic has recently been under intensive study, as an effective method to carry out liquid manipulation in Lab-On-a-Chip (LOC) systems. Among droplet actuation forces, ElectroWetting on Dielectric (EWOD) and Liquid DiElectroPhoresis (LDEP) are powerful tools, used in many LOC platforms. Such digital microfluidic transductions do not require(More)