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The blinded study of CBUE (cytobacteriological urine examination) test strips was carried out in 100 patients (65 women, 35 men), mean age 85.52 +/- 6.28 years, admitted for a short stay in a geriatrics department. Urinary infection was present in 19% of the cases. Typical clinical signs (pollakiuria, dysuria, hematuria, burning upon voiding) were rare,(More)
The consequences of hypothyroidism on cognition are long known since the description of dementia associated with hypothyroidism. Additional data from experimental studies support the impact of thyroid hormones on the central nervous system and cognition. Cognitive impairment in relation with hypothyroidism (even sub clinical hypothyroidism) in elderly(More)
An analytical study of 320 case reports of patients with one or more thyroid nodules, 246 of whom had been operated upon, revealed the presence of 32 cancers, 15 toxic nodules, and 195 inactive benign uni- or multilobular goitres. Complementary examinations (scintigraphy with technetium, thermography, ultrasonography) cannot definitely establish the benign(More)
A new membrane electrode sensitive to specific antibody is described which incorporates dinitrophenyl antigen in polyvinyl chloride matrix membrane on to the surface of a solid-state graphite-loaded epoxy-resin electrode. The sensitivity of the electrode is based on the ionophoric property of the dinitrophenyl antigen. Response curves for the potassium ion(More)
INTRODUCTION Transfusion of blood products is part of out-of-hospital medical activity. Despite rare use of transfusion and difficult environment, the rules of transfusion must be respected: follow up to detect blood products, security, and patient's information before and after transfusion, follow up of infectious and immunological consequences. However,(More)