Dominique Apostol

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Fetal mortality and morbidity remain dramatically increased in diabetic women. To evaluate the benefit of a preconceptional education combined with a good metabolic control, we compared the outcome of pregnancy in 2 groups of type I diabetic women: group A (n = 21) planned before conception versus group B (n = 40) not planned. Both groups were similar(More)
Buschke’s nonsystemic scleroderma is an uncommon dermatosis characterized by thickened and indurate skin of unknown origin, mostly affecting upper parts of the body but also the abdominal area. While diabetes is rarely associated, subcutaneous insulin treatment may be hardly feasible and effective because of incomplete absorption of insulin (1). After(More)
The authors have treated 13 cases of primary obstructive megaureter (POM) in children, presenting without vesicoureteric reflux. The diagnostic possibilities and the surgical approach options are discussed. Both Cohen and Leadbetter--Politano uretero-vesical reimplantation techniques proved to be successful in this series. Ureteric folding was done in 2(More)
The hemangioendothelium is a vascular tumor rarely seen in the pediatric practice. This case underlines the difficulty that lies in establishing a differential diagnosis with a localized adenopathy when this vascular tumor is developing inside a ganglionic region. The surgical treatment followed by interferon therapy determined a favorable evolution in this(More)
Achalasia is a functional disorder of the distal esophagus, which fails to relax during swallowing. Although being rare, this disorder is the source of a significant morbidity, including developmental disorders in children. Several therapeutical options are available: myorelaxants administration, esophageal dilations and surgery--distal esophageal(More)
There been studied 100 cases of fractures of the middle third of both bones of forearm in child for to assess the correctitude of the therapy, based on the analysis of results. The most correct surgical techniques consist of osteosynthesis with Kirschner wire of the both bones, knowing the particularities of the fracture linea in child and the minimal(More)
The studied group from the Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics Clinic, Iaşi, consisted of 87 cases, which means that a total of 118 hips were treated between September 1998-September 2004. In 116 cases, the extension was performed with trans-femoral Kirschner wire, in a period of 3-7 weeks. After 7-14 days of extension, the authors performed adductor and(More)
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