Dominika Strzelecka

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Data from a number of laboratories suggest that the exchange of glutamate for aspartate across the mitochondrial inner membrane is stimulated by glucagon and by Ca2+-mobilizing hormones. The purpose of this study was to determine the site of action of these hormones. Two possibilities were considered and tested. The first hypothesis is that the(More)
Presumptive evidence suggests that the brown fat mitochondrial uncoupling protein, thermogenin, is involved in the mechanism of stimulation of respiration by norepinephrine in the intact tissue. Conflicting data have been reported which suggest involvement of either adenine nucleotides, or fatty acids, or long chain acyl-CoA, or protons in the physiological(More)
In order to test the hypothesis that Na+, K+-ATPase (Na+,K+-dependent ATPase) is involved in the noradrenaline-mediated stimulation of respiration in brown adipose tissue, the effects of noradrenaline on Na+,K+-ATPase in isolated brown-fat-cell membrane vesicles, and on 22Na+ and K+ (86Rb+) fluxes across the membranes of intact isolated cells, were(More)
Synthetic nucleotide and nucleic acid analogues are useful research tools and modern therapeutics. Hence, methods for the rapid and unambiguous identification of mononucleotides derived from organic syntheses or biological materials are of broad interest. Here, we analysed over 150 mononucleotides (mostly nucleoside 5'-mono-, 5'-di-, and 5'-triphosphates)(More)
The quest for ligands that specifically bind to particular G-quadruplex nucleic acid structures is particularly important to conceive molecules with specific effects on gene expression or telomere maintenance, or conceive structure-specific molecular probes. Using electrospray mass spectrometry in native conditions, we reveal a highly cooperative and(More)
Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) has been advocated as a beneficial additive to electrospray solvents for peptide analysis due to the improved ionisation efficiency conferred. Previous reports have shown that the resultant improvements in peptide ion signal intensities are non-uniform. As a result, it was hypothesised that inclusion of DMSO in electrospray(More)
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