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High quality video streaming over cellular networks is expensive for users and often limited by data caps. Offloading the traffic over other cheap wireless networks, e.g. WLAN, would be beneficial however they are often not available for mobile streaming sessions. A potential solution is to load video to a mobile device before the user accesses it, which is(More)
Pharmaceutical compounds enter the body via several major natural gateways; i.e. the lung, the skin and the gastrointestinal tract. Drug application during surgical operations can lead to severe impairment of gastrointestinal motility, which can contribute to a paralytic ileus. Here we investigated an ex vivo perfused small intestine model that allows us to(More)
AIM To evaluate and characterize motility patterns from small intestinal gut segments depending on different perfusion media and pressures. METHODS Experiments were carried out in a custom designed perfusion chamber system to validate and standardise the perfusion technique used. The perfusion chamber was built with a transparent front wall allowing for(More)
Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), which include Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, are chronic inflammatory disorders that can affect the whole gastrointestinal tract or the colonic mucosal layer. Current therapies aiming to suppress the exaggerated immune response in IBD largely rely on compounds with non-satisfying effects or side-effects.(More)
CXCL10 (IP-10) is a highly inducible chemoattractant, which contributes to the recruitment of inflammatory cells such as macrophages and T-lymphocytes and thereby has important roles in chronic inflammatory conditions. In a search for new inhibitors of CXCL10 expression in MonoMac6 (MM6) cells, the new diaryl ether 3'-demethyldihydromaldoxin (1) along with(More)
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