Dominik Schneble

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The interaction of short and strong laser pulses with an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate is found to generate patterns of recoiling atoms that are different from those seen in previous light-scattering experiments. This phenomenon can only be explained by optical stimulation, showing that the previous description of superradiance as atomic stimulation is(More)
We describe experimental setups for producing large Bose-Einstein condensates of 23 Na and 87 Rb. In both, a high-flux thermal atomic beam is decelerated by a Zeeman slower and is then captured and cooled in a magneto-optical trap. The atoms are then transferred into a cloverleaf-style Ioffe-Pritchard magnetic trap and cooled to quantum degeneracy with(More)
We demonstrate a Raman amplifier for matter waves, where the amplified atoms and the gain medium are in two different hyperfine states. This amplifier is based on a form of superradiance that arises from self-stimulated Raman scattering in a Bose-Einstein condensate. With the realization of coherent, laserlike atoms in the form of Bose-Einstein condensates(More)
We describe a versatile and simple scheme for producing magnetically and optically-trapped 87 Rb Bose-Einstein condensates, based on a moving-coil transporter apparatus. The apparatus features a TOP trap that incorporates the movable quadrupole coils used for magneto-optical trapping and long-distance magnetic transport of atomic clouds. As a stand-alone(More)
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