Dominik Radziszowski

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AIMS To develop and implement an automated virtual slide screening system that distinguishes normal histological findings and several tissue--based crude (texture-based) diagnoses. THEORETICAL CONSIDERATIONS Virtual slide technology has to handle and transfer images of GB Bytes in size. The performance of tissue based diagnosis can be separated into a) a(More)
OBJECTIVE To create algorithms and application tools that can support routine diagnoses of various organs. MATERIALS A generalized algorithm was developed that permits the evaluation of diagnosis-associated image features obtained from hematoxylin-eosin-stained histopathologic slides. The procedure was tested for screening of tumor tissue vs. tumor-free(More)
AIMS To describe the theory and develop an automated virtual slide screening system. Theoretical considerations. Tissue-based diagnosis separates into (a) sampling procedure to allocate the slide area containing diagnostic information, and (b) evaluation of diagnosis from the selected area. Nyquist's theorem broadly applied in acoustics, serves to(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and implement an Internet-based, automated image measurement system for immunohistochemically stained slides including fluorescence images in online and off-line modes. STUDY DESIGN An image analyzing system was developed that automatically measures digitized images obtained from immunohistochemically stained slides. It is divided(More)
Telepathology has left its childhood. Its technical development is mature, and its use for primary (frozen section) and secondary (expert consultation) diagnosis has been expanded to a great amount. This is in contrast to a virtual pathology laboratory, which is still under technical constraints. Similar to telepathology, which can also be used for(More)
This paper presents SLA monitoring and management framework for telecommunication services. The basic requirements of this class of systems are specified and verified in context of existing SLA standards and tools. The proposed system architecture is very general and may interoperate with the existing performance monitoring systems and management tools. The(More)
The paper presents an analysis of the possibilities of defining penalty functions to be used in SLA management frameworks. As a basis for the analysis, a brief survey of metrics used in SLA contracts is presented. Next, several definitions of penalty functions are proposed. The definitions are then analyzed in context of embedding them in a working SLA(More)
AIMS To analyse the present status and future development of computerized diagnostic pathology in terms of work-flow integrative telepathology and virtual laboratory. PRESENT STATUS Telepathology has left its childhood. The technical development of telepathology is mature, in contrast to that of virtual pathology. Two kinds of virtual pathology(More)
The paper states Iterative Translation by Monolinguists (ITM), the new approach to the translation process in which a translation is carried out by persons without a common language who work in a cooperation, i.e. by two monolingists instead of a translator. To prove the effectiveness of the approach, the pilot ITM platform as well as its dedicated(More)