Dominik Petrich

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Depending on driver intention and current motion state of vehicle, an infinite set of possible future trajectories exists. In this paper we present a stochastic filter which is able to select a representative set of reasonable trajectories from this solution set using additional information from a digital map. This is achieved by representing the map's(More)
The Ko-PER (cooperative perception) research project aims at improvements of active traffic safety through cooperative perception systems. Within the project a prototype of a cooperative warning system was realized. This system provides early advisory warnings which are especially useful in critical situations with occluded conflict partners. The(More)
The prediction of the behavior of other traffic participants and the generation of appropriate motion hypotheses is a key capability of advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles. Motion prediction is a difficult task since it has to deal with the uncertainty within the environmental perception and the ambiguity of a traffic scene. For this(More)
Cooperative perception makes it possible – in addition to emergency warnings – to provide drivers with early advisory warnings about potentially dangerous driving situations. Based on research results pertaining to imminent crash warnings, it was expected that the effectiveness of such advisory warnings depends on situation-specific anticipations by the(More)
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